Understanding Surface Options

Selecting the best surface option for your kitchen countertops, bathroom project, wet bar, or other space is an important decision, especially if it comprises a large part of your remodeling or new construction budget. Your material choice affects aesthetics, function, and durability.

At Ivey Lane, we help homeowners, business owners, restaurant managers, designers, and builders evaluate each individual project, considering a surface’s type and frequency of use, maintenance requirements, and appearance. Our team is dedicated to helping you select the best solution for your specific goals.

The following guide can help you as you consider the surface options available through Ivey Lane:


This natural stone is heat and scratch resistant, and often considered one of the most durable choices for countertops. It does need to be sealed every fifteen years to help resist stains. Of the natural stone choices, granite has a wider range of color choices.


Marble is very heat resistant. It is softer than granite, which allows for the crafting of decorative edges; however, it is susceptible to scratches. Marble must also be sealed in order to repel stains. Acidic foods and cleaners can etch marble. In terms of appearance, each piece of marble is unique in its veining pattern. Many customers appreciate the timeless and elegant appeal of marble.  


Quartzite is also a natural stone and should not be confused with quartz, which is an engineered surface. Quartzite looks similar to marble in color and veining, and it is very hard and durable. Colors of quartzite typically range from white to gray; however, other color hues can be found in slabs that were exposed to specific minerals during formation.

Quartz, Porcelain and Other Engineered Surfaces

Quartz, porcelain, and other engineered surfaces often look very much like natural stone but have a more consistent pattern. Engineered surfaces are typically a mix of quartz, glass, ceramic, or other materials and a resin. These surfaces offer a wide range of color choices, and they do not need to be sealed. Engineered surfaces are excellent for resisting stains and heat.


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