Modern kitchens are more central in home designs than ever. We don’t just cook in them, anymore—it’s where we gather with family and friends and guests. Beautiful custom countertops and surfaces are one of the most important ways to create a distinctive and attractive space that everyone in your home will notice and appreciate. We know you are making a significant investment in your home’s value and creating a space you will want to enjoy every day. At Ivey Lane, we want you to love the process of choosing the kitchen countertops that are right for you as much as you will love spending time in your new kitchen.

Kitchen Surfaces and Enhancement Options

Ivey Lane’s most popular surfaces and enhancements for your new kitchen include:

  • granite, marble, quartzite and engineered stone surfaces
  • finish options and decorative edges
  • sinks, inlays, drain boards and backsplashes

We help our customers concentrate on aesthetic and functional questions. How do you want your kitchen to look and feel? How do you want to use this space? Finding a look you love and that you enjoy using every day is what your vision should be all about. Answering those questions will make you confident that you are choosing surfaces and options that align with your style, day-to-day needs, and budget.

Our Kitchen Countertop Process

If this is your first time purchasing custom countertops, or if you have been doing research online, you may have noticed that our industry and the selection process is a little unusual, or maybe even confusing.

The process basically has five steps.

  1. We begin with a consultation to answer all your questions, look at options that match your style and needs, and finalize a vision for your new kitchen.
  2. Next is the procurement phase where the actual stone slabs for your new kitchen are selected.
  3. After that, the space has to be measured precisely.
  4. The countertops are then cut to our precise templates and dimensions and sanded to achieve the perfect finish you have selected.
  5. Finally, we install your new kitchen countertops and enhancements.

Your new kitchen is going to be one of the most beautiful and important parts of your home. Whether you have been dreaming of new countertops for years, or you are just beginning to imagine what’s possible, we are ready to guide you through the entire process with confidence and deliver countertops you will enjoy day after day, year after year.


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